Masinotehnik - rezervni delovi za industriju
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rezervni delovi za industriju

The production of spare parts represents one of the most specific aspects of machine-building industry. In the business we are dealing with, every single order is a challenge of its own because every piece basically represents unique item which must be produced starting from the first until the last operation, usually without supporting technical documentation. In that case, the spare part is produced according to sample and it is basically being designed and produced all over again. For the ordered piece to be 'reincarnated' and to start its new life, the performer has to be capable of applying almost all technological processes which are necessary for the production of the needed piece: the production of models for casting, casting, drilling, milling, melding, pressing, folding...etc.

Apart from the large fleet of machines which are necessary for this type of job, the most important factor is broad knowledge of processes and extensive experience as well as skills of our top artisans.

Company's capacities :
  • CNC machining centres, the largest (1800x1200x750), capacity 2t, 4+1 axis
  • Lathes, the largest(Ø 1000)
  • Tool milling machines
  • Erosimates
  • Round grinding machines
  • Argon welding
  • As well as lot of associated equipment

We represent to you the referent list of our clients
  • USS Steel Serbia
  • Galenika AD
  • Bambi
  • Swisslion
  • Metalac (JUB, cookware, water heaters)
  • Hemofarm
  • PTT
  • Telefonkabl
  • Shipyard 'Beograd'